Spanish tuition in the High Peak

Spanish Tuition in the High Peak

Spanish Tuition in the High Peak

Quality teaching and tuition of Spanish requires a deep understanding of both English and Spanish, nuance from experience and a good appreciation of personalities. People often attend group based language classes in the evening as they appear to be the cheapest form of learning.

However, group classes usually have a schedule of their own, meaning the class is moved on even if it means leaving some students behind. Students sometimes attend such classes over an extended period, perhaps more for their socially rewarding experiences than the learning outcomes per se which is fine in itself.

Whilst the evening class environment definitely has its place, especially for learning the more holiday focussed phrases of “dos cervezas por favor”, personal tuition offers a more focussed programme for learning Spanish – both for individuals and small groups working on a business project.

Effective tuition requires the tutor to discern the specific needs of each individual student, as some will excel with one or more aspects and yet struggle with others. Students often initially articulate their interests based on what they have seen elsewhere rather than accurately identifying the particular areas to work on which will improve their effectiveness the most.

When people feel they are progressing and doing things well, they generally want to learn more. A tutor plays a crucial role in identifying and dealing with these areas in a structured way, focussing on your particular needs, for example, pronunciation, maybe listening, perhaps Spanish grammar, reading words correctly, maybe even the subjunctive. Whatever issue arises, except perhaps group speaking, can be resolved more effectively and efficiently through personal tuition.

Before embarking on learning a language it is worth evaluating the total cost involved, not just the monetary cost, but cost in time and effort. Are you prepared to put in the amount of time and effort required? I do believe in the old adage “you get out of it what you put into it”, so if you want to discuss what’s likely to be involved for you personally to get to where you want to be, please get in touch so we can chat about it.

Some of the comments I received from people, regarding teaching.

“I just wanted to let you know that I have received my MA results, which I was awarded with Merit. I wanted to thank you once again for the huge difference you made in our education and training. You truly were an excellent teacher.” Emilie Barau

“You have helped me understand the culture, as well as the language, and made learning an enjoyable experience, thank you!” Maria

“After my honeymoon in Mexico, I decided to pursue Spanish further after my attempts at learning by ear, listening to waiters! Braulio has made me even more motivated to learn the language, and I look forward to the lesson each week. Braulio is a very approachable, affable gentleman, and a fantastic teacher. I highly recommend Braulio to anyone wishing to broaden their horizons by learning the Spanish language and culture.” Stephen

There are people who take languages very seriously, who appreciate the value of a new language, not just for holidays but for future better employment. Lydia is such a person, she has studied Spanish for a number of years, she is a very good language student and lately I have had the pleasure of tutoring her in Spanish.