Translating English to Spanish

Translating English to Spanish for a client

Translating English to Spanish for a client

Accurate and reliable translations are very important to any company wishing to do business abroad, and influence the way people view your company, your products and your services. Translation is an art, and whilst there are advanced digital tools available that provide translations, they lack the elegance and sophistication of a mother tongue translator as demonstrated dramatically by the less sophisticated online versions.

Only people who understand subtle but important differences or nuances can produce documents that are properly translated and contextually appropriate. Two things are essential in being able to deliver quality translations: firstly, a sophisticated knowledge of the source language, the way it is used in different contexts and an understanding of how it is changing; and secondly, a well educated, rounded and experienced native speaker who is similarly able to appreciate context and changes in the contemporary use of the language translating into.

Problems in translation can arise when the translator does not fully understand the source language, and similarly if the translator uses poor grammar or terminology in his own native language. As a native mother tongue Spanish speaker from La Coruña in northern Spain, Ihave 40 years experience, including voluntary translation and interpreting work, have lived and worked in England all my adult life yet still retain very strong links and interests to my home town.

I provide a fast, efficient, reliable and confidential translation service at very competitive rates, and can cover any reasonable subject, no matter how technical, and keep up to date with modern terminology. I regularly interact and liaise with many colleagues in the sector, collaborating on larger projects with professional translators with years of experience, so I can offer help in a variety of languages but focus on being a Spanish language specialist.

A good translation reflects favourably on your business in the country you’re trading in, but the opposite is true of a translation with poor grammar and mistakes that are easily noticed by the target audience. I write in more detail about the costly mistake caused by an inappropriate translation of a contract I came across whilst providing some interpreting services for some Spanish clients in my article entitled ‘Translations have consequences‘. A similarly costly example of a technically accurate though inappropriate translation, was when a British company at a business show in Barcelona, were surprised to see the local people laughing at their brochure – because it contained something amusing bordering on rude and belittling, which called into question the reputation of their product.

Translated and recorded by Baulio Ramos

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