Proofreading Spanish

Need your Spanish documents proofreading?

Need your Spanish documents proofreading?

Individuals and businesses go to great lengths to develop documents in Spanish with good quality content, which is especially difficult when not a language that’s familiar, but it’s just as important that the language be as contextually accurate, with good spelling and grammar as it would be if in English. A nice looking document that hasn’t been proofread and has mistakes or errors  presents  a poor image, influencing perceptions that target audiences have of you or your business.

Having someone else proofread your documents is important whatever the situation, but it is especially difficult to identify who you should get to proofread your Spanish language documents. Although proofreading Spanish language documents may well be a fabulous challenge for students looking for experience, even something meaty for a graduate trainee translator to get their teeth into, in truth though, you really need a bilingual native Spanish speaker with plenty of experience to do the job properly.

I have gained sound experience in this vital and highly specialized field, so you can be confident that I will professionally proofread your important documents with attention to detail when looking for errors, content, grammar, terminology and make sure it all makes sense to your target audience.

Often when a document is presented for proofreading the client already knows there are problems with it. For example, a large document in Spanish I was sent to proofread was quite a surprise as I was told it was translated in Spain. I could not imagine how it could contain errors and be as bad as the agent indicated, and was surprised and shocked by the extent of grammatical errors, masculine and feminine mixed up, etc.

On another occasion a motor / engine had a cooling fan, but the Spanish translation said that it had “un abanico” (it translates as a lady’s hand-held fan), which may be funny to read but if it’s your business or reputation, is it really a sloppy mistake you’d be comfortable with? Proofreading is difficult and as the final check on quality, it requires a quality proofreader for a quality finished document. Please do get in touch to discuss how I may be able to help.