Private tuition supplements learning Spanish at school

Adverts on television, in newspapers and magazines promote the idea that we can all learn to speak a language in a couple of weeks, whilst driving the car and that it can be an easy process. It’s a seductive sell to busy people who maybe didn’t have the chance to learn Spanish at school but want to be fluent in Spanish whilst on holiday, but let’s be honest here, the reality is rather different.

Language teaching in the UK, generally speaking, has been and continues to be relatively poor compared with many of our European counterparts. Obviously there are pockets of good teaching in the country, but without a culture of speaking other languages being widespread, general expectations of speaking another language are focused on the ordering of food and drink when on holiday. Maybe because of wider travel experiences there is a broader desire, especially amongst a new generation, to learn languages and unfortunately for this generation they are being sold short by the education system.

Going beyond the niceties of saying “dos cervezas por favor”, requires some attention to detail and understanding of grammar, structure, proper pronunciation, precise use of accents and understanding of context to engage with native speakers meaningfully. Teaching courses with external examinations, like at school, that demand a certain level demonstrating particular standards have been reached require the teaching to be up to the mark.

Private tuition, ideally by native speaking linguists who understand the teaching process, that supplements the group teaching at school can really turn around the performance of bright students wanting to go beyond the average.

The joy of communicating with a different culture and the understanding that, though other peoples do things different, this is not necessarily wrong, and in some cases the new culture may lead to new and very joyful experiences and open the mind on an individual offering him or her a better and wider objective view of matters, seeing both sides of the coin as it were.

There are people who take languages seriously, who appreciate the value of a new language, not just for holidays and would benefit from private Spanish tuition. Lydia is such a person, she has studied Spanish for a number of years, she is a very good language student and lately I have had, and at present continue to have, the pleasure of tutoring her in Spanish. She works hard and puts into practice all the things I mention in the lessons, and as a result her Spanish is improving at an enormous pace. As I mentioned previously in my website, language is not just about paying for lessons but about the effort a person is willing to put into learning it. Lydia works very hard and every week I can see improvements.

I have decided to interview her and to ask her a few general questions. I hope you enjoy the video and may be it will motivate you to consider learning the Spanish language and enjoy the rewards.

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