Juan Mata – Interpreting at Man United Press Conference

Many of the jobs a Spanish interpreter gets are usually to interpret English questions to a Spanish native tongue, and back from a Spanish native tongue for the English. However, on the occasion of Juan Mata being introduced to the English fans on his transfer from Chelsea to Manchester United at the press conference was a little different. This time the main interpreting role was to interpret the questions by Spanish reporters to Mata for the English press.

This was quite a refreshing situation where Juan Mata’s English was plenty good enough to answer the English press in English, but the Spanish press were in force and able to ask their questions in Spanish. The English press, used to dealing only in English would certainly feel left out if they didn’t understand the questions or answers. So, the interpreting role here was to make the Spanish part of the press conference open and available to the English press and fans.

Above is the video of the press conference where Juan Mata answers all the questions from the English press first, on his own without the need for interpreting, and then starting at 11 minutes the Spanish press ask their questions in Spanish. I thought this was a really nice touch by Man United for Mata’s Spanish fan base, and shows how important English football is in Spain. Most of the videos on YouTube of the press conference don’t include Mata being questioned in Spanish by the Spanish press, but thankfully this one posted by FullTimeDEVILS includes it. Wishing Mata well, who looks comfortable in his latest career choice.

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