About Braulio Ramos

English to Spanish Language Services

English to Spanish Language Services

With several years informal experience before doing it professionally, work kept on coming in, both from new and returning clients, some of whom still use my language services today. I have also lectured at the University of Salford at Masters Level in Specialised Translation and Conference Interpreting, including presenting the exam papers, running the Interpreting exam, marking papers, preparing, running and taking part in mock conferences for the Conference Interpreting students.

The language services I now offer include translations, interpreting, proofreading, voice-overs, tutoring and teaching. I specialise in the Spanish language, translating a variety of subject matter from English into Spanish, and in so doing have gained a great deal of experience and expertise. The “jack of all trades and master of none” approach is not ideal when trying to achieve nuance and accuracy of specific context. Whilst there are general benefits when a person speaks several languages, the refinement and specialism achieved when concentrating on your native and adopted languages is often too difficult to maintain at a high level, and can become diluted and weaker.

When I started in professional language services, keeping up with trendsfashions and subtle changes in language was something of a new concept and several colleagues thought I was crazy to devote so much time to it. I think I made the right decision as I see many previously respected companies outsource their translation services by email to agents they don’t even know. Where translations are still done in-house I see ex-colleagues employing graduate trainees to do them and increasingly rely on technology for translations, even of contractual and legal documents.

Having lectured on what’s involved in digital translation techniques, and their limitations, it is a worrying trend that online translation services are being used for translating commercial documents by companies in the UK looking for an apparently cheap solution to their exporting needs. All too often though, experienced translators like myself are being called in after expensive mistakes are made by these alluring but lower quality translation services, costing companies more in the longer term.

Accuracy, professionalism, good customer relationship, and language services that people in other countries will understand is something that should be taken as seriously as face to face relations, indeed perhaps more so. For quality translation, interpreting, voice-over, proof-reading and tutoring services, I would always recommend you choose someone where experience and nuance come as standard.

From Pete Munford on behalf of the National Access and Rescue Centre, said of my interpreting jobs:

“Great interaction with our students – good use of humour when appropriate – a recommended translator. Thank you.”

From Patrick Murphy, Translations Manager, SEL, University of Salford, Manchester, feedback from another interpreting job:

The Seville visit went very well and I believe the Seville delegation was happy with the interpretation. Thank you for organising the involvement of Mr. Ramos. Best wishes, Grainne Bradley.

Di Maria Press conference. Thanks to FullTime Devils for posting in on YouTube