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We have all seen sloppy translations when on holiday, and whilst it can be funny at a personal level, for businesses the damage to reputation can be very serious. For example, staff from a British company exhibiting at a business show in Barcelona were surprised when they noticed local people laughing at their brochure – it contained something amusing, bordering on rude and belittling, calling into question the reputation of their products.

Being careful with the language we use is perhaps more important than ever, and sensitivities around misinterpretations can cause some very awkward moments. Add cultural and language differences and experience really does count. Braulio Ramos Language Services has 36 years experience in providing a range of language services, focussed primarily on the Spanish language. I can help you with:  TranslationsInterpretingProofreadingVoice-overs and Personal Tuition.

Throughout my career, I have provided clients with translations ranging from something as seemingly simple as sweet wrappers to more formal technical manuals and legal documents. Accurate and contextually-sensitive language translation has been the hallmark that distinguishes my language services where I  specialise in English to Spanish.

Language is all about communication and culture, such that people from different countries think and speak differently; their background influences their language, and factors which are acceptable in one country are offensive in another. It pays to get the advice of someone who knows the language like a native and appreciates the importance of context and nuance. Translation is an art. It simply isn’t in your interest to have people laugh at your brochure if it is poorly translated or has possibly offensive content, as the damage to your reputation will be far more than the cost of a decent translator.

Recently, a high-profile company launched a product worldwide and used extensive television advertising, resulting in the product becoming well-known and successful everywhere except in Spain. I acted as a language consultant to try to find out why. I demonstrated the different approach required for the Spanish market, and when adopted, the product also became successful in Spain.

Since establishing Braulio Ramos Language Services in 1984, I have gained a superb reputation as a leading provider of Spanish translations for the Spanish and Latin American Markets. If you want an efficient and effective translator, interpreter or any of my Spanish language services, please get in touch so we can discuss your options and how I can help you.

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